Disposable Email Addresses Help Fight Spam

You are too busy to waste your time filtering through the countless marketing messages that you receive when you create online accounts with a main email account. Disposable email addresses can be used once and forgotten.


Email Spam Wastes Your Time

It's estimated that over 90% of emails sent on the internet are nothing but spam. Your email provider is probably pretty good at figuring out what is what, but there's always something that sneaks through.

The worst situation is when a vendor or online site that you "trust" sends you unwanted marketing material or notifications. These don't fall under the traditional classification of "spam", but trust me when I say they absolutely are.

Temporary Email Guards Your Inbox

Your inbox should be a precious place. A lovely place. A place for heartfelt emails from grandma, lame jokes from Jerry, and certainly not 6000 unread marketing emails. It's enough to pull your hair out.

Temporary email addresses are nice way around this issue by providing a single-use email address when creating online accounts, they never even have the chance to send you spam. The spam is stopped before it ever leaves the enemy.

You can generate a random email address, use it once or a couple of times, or even many times. But the main point is you don't have to give out your real email address. You can protect your inbox from the insanity of LinkedIn notifications or those weekly 60% sales ENDING SOON messages.

Return to the good ol' days and keep your inbox sparklingly clean.

How to

You can try out a disposable email address by visiting our homepage. Have a great day!