Using Temporary Email Addresses for Social Media

Using a one-time use email address to sign up for social media accounts is surprisingly effective for protecting your privacy.

Private Browsing

Why are email addresses even needed for Social Media accounts?

In principal, there is little reason for a social media account to require an email address, phone number, or physical address, but they are almost always required. Most social networks in 2020 require at least an email address if not a phone number when creating an account so that they can continue to badger you with reminders to participate in their platform.

LinkedIn is infamous for sending too many emails to the point that they actually got sued for it. They then notified their users that they were being sued for sending too many emails with another email. It's so absurd that it's actually just laughable.

A single service sending marketing material, email blasts, notification reminders, new friend joining notifications etc. isn't necessarily problematic. The real issue arises when all of the online platforms that you join and participate in bury your inbox in unnecessary and distracting emails. It's hard to stay focused on productive work in your inbox and it's frustrating to find what you are looking for.

Tightly Control Who has your Email address

Email is a critical way that we communicate for business and manage our personal lives. But many people that ask for your personal email address shouldn't ever get it, because they don't need to be able to reach you at any time for the rest of forever.

Your first thought before you ever type in your real email address anywhere online, you should pause for a moment and consider the following:

Does this website really, really need my email address?

Your bank for instance.

Do you trust this company to treat your email address properly?

Do they strike you as the kind of company that will keep your personal information safe? Do you think they are at risk for a data breach? If so run the other way.

Even if a company doesn't accidentally expose your personal information, it's possible that they outright sell it to the highest bidder. Many companies are in the market of selling customer lists to advertising companies, hedge funds and more.

It's tough not to sound like I'm wearing a tin foil hat when I warn people about these issues, but I have seen many examples of this happening in the wild. Caveat emptor.

Dodge the Email Deluge with Disposable Email Addresses

Whilst a tad alliterative, the sentiment is quite valid. If you decided that you don't trust a website with your personal email address, but you would still like to create an account then you should consider using a disposable email address.

OneTimeUseMail was built to solve exactly this problem. We support our site with ads and provide the service free of charge so that everyone can protect their personal data while still getting the most out of the internet.

We will generate a random email address for you to use and then we will save any emails we get to that address for 1 hour only. Any emails that we receive will be shown in your "inbox". You can click any email confirmation or password reset links and make the most out of your account.

Stay safe out there~