The Advantages of a Temporary Email Address

Here are some tips on how to keep better email account hygiene. Should help keep email clutter down and protect your privacy.

Most people look at their email address as a more or less permanent thing. You created an account whenever you first started moving online. Maybe you have migrated from Hotmail to Gmail or even to Superhuman if you are fancy.

I hear a lot of people talking about the joy of getting to "Inbox Zero", but it's a hard state to maintain whenever the majority of your inbox consists of newsletters, ecommerce promos, linked in notifications etc. An email address have pivoted from a great way to communicate with other people you know to the preeminent way to "increase engagement".

The next time you are scrolling through your inbox just take stock of this animalistic impulse you feel rising in your gut to participate in whatever these marketing and notification emails are calling you to do. It's weird to notice to think about how much time, effort, experimentation has gone into everything in it. The pictures, the subject line, the wording of the email itself. It was all endlessly optimized to get the most number of people to do what the original authors intend.

What to do about it

There are a couple of easy recommendations I have for what to do about this:

1. Limit who you give your email to

An easy way to take action against this is to just limit the companies and websites that you actually give your email to. Just because you buy something once from a company, doesn't mean that you should give them full license to email you endlessly.

2. Aggressively Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Thankfully governments around the world have stepped up and made it a requirement that email newsletters have an "Unsubscribe" link in every marketing email that you receive. Unfortunately they also gave them 10 days to actually remove you from the list, but companies rarely invoke this privilege because it feels so slimy when you see it.

3. Use Temporary Email Addresses

You can create a fake email address and use it for the 10 minutes you need in order to actually create an account and click a verification link. Or get a shipment notification.

We offer a temporary email service that you can use for free. Unlike the other guys, we aren't selling your usage data / email contents to 3rd parties.